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Carpathian Sheep Transhumance 2013

 Echo of the common history of the Carpathians

Transhumance pastoralism -  is a form of pastoral wandering under the supervision of the shepherds, which consists of seasonal movement of the flocks (especially sheep) on the  established routes from lowlands to mountain pastures in the summer and back to the villages in the autumn and winter time.


Roots of the communities living in the Carpathians are from the pastoral traditions, people have a lot in common: history, culture, lifestyle and sheep.


 Carpathian Sheep Transhumance 2013 

is a project of traditional movement of the proffessional shepherds with 300 sheep through the Carpathians, which is organised to celebrate historical transhumance of the Vlach shepherds, which in the past led to the settlement of the mountain area and the creation of a common pastoral culture in the Carpathians.

  • Time of the project: from 11th May till 14th September 2013

  • Route: mountain areas of the Carpathian countries – aprox.1400 km

                      Romania - Ukraine - Poland - Slovakia - Czech Republik

  • Main organizers:

Foundation „Pasterstwo Transhumancyjne” - Poland

and Asociatia Transhumanta - Romania

these organizations take care of the preservation of the traditional pastoralism and cultural heritage in the Carpathians.The project involves a wide  cooperation with NGOs, local governments, local  institutions, media and sponsors. Popularization of the project will be carried out also by organizing a series of cultural events and discussion panels in the regions on the route or nearby the route of the transhumance.


The main objective of the Transhumance is the international meeting of people who live and work in the Carpathians, their integration, the ability to learn and to show the cultural wealth of the inhabitants, as well as the richness and uniqueness of the nature. The priority for the project is the sustainable development of the mountain areas.



  • Promotion of regional products i.e. traditional sheep cheeses and meat products , as healthy and organic food.

  • Promotion of hand made products and folk crafts.

  • Integration of communities in the Carpathians - supraregional cooperation is the measurable effect we expect after “Transhumance”, registering in the records of the Carpathian Convention and the main principles of European Union integration.

  • Promotion of culture and traditions in the Carpathians - regional organisations and local governments should use its diversity for closer cooperation,  reduce all barriers and use the differences between the regions to  enrich a comprehensive culture of the Carpathians, and join in actions by taking a subsequent cooperation for the promotion of culture and traditions of the Carpathians.

  • Drawing attention to ecological and cultural values of the Carpathians - society's recognition that the return of the traditional pastoral farming on the Carpathian lands is capable of restoring balance in nature,  as well as bring to the people measurable economic benefits in the system of sustainable management in mountain and foothill areas.  

  • Cooperation with the institutions and organisations protecting nature - that shepherds are aware of the impact on the conservation of nature becoming partners in realising tasks for the sake of the common welfare and well-being. 



 "... Europe is created by culture ..."

The basis of the Carpathian culture are the shepherding traditions, which influence music, dances, colorful highlanders’ costumes, everyday life and customs. These shepherding traditions are based on love to the nature and to another human being.


We invite you to cooperate and participate in the project
"Transhumance 2013".


Note: Transhumance will be conducted in accordance with applicable law and regulations, under the veterinary supervision. The priority of the project is the welfare and safety of participating animals and people.

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